Friday, June 29, 2012

Madea's Witness Protection 2012 Full Movie DVDRip Free Download

Madea's Witness Protection 2012 is a 2012 American comedy film directed and written by Tyler Perry,the film starring Tyler Perry,Eugene Levy,Denise Richards,Romeo Miller,Doris Roberts and Marla Gibbs,This project was filmed in Atlanta from January 2012 – March 2012 and released through 34th Street Films and Lionsgate,this film release date 29 June 2012,

2012 Madea's Witness Protection hd movie free download
Director : Tyler Perry
Genre : Comedy
Release Date : 29  June 2012
Stars : Tyler Perry,Eugene Levy and Denise Richards, 

Eugene Levy as George Needleman, A businessman marked for death by a crime family after his company goes bankrupt and he is framed for money laundering.George Needleman, a high level CFO is at the center of a Ponzi scheme in New York City. He is being accused of spearheading the scheme involving the mob and has to enter his family into a witness protection program. The program's location is a place that absolutely no one will think to look for them: Madea's house down south with her brother Joe and nephew Brian.this is a comedy film,it's history very nice,

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