Tuesday, June 12, 2012

MLA 2012 Movie Full HD Video Free Download

MLA” is about a village called Bhaglipur situated in Madhya Pradesh, where an Industrialist from the same village is serving his people by starting a Milk-Factory and generating employment for them but on the other side, the elected MLA of that district is doing nothing for his people, but is observing the Industrialist’s actions and tries to win his friendship for his own benefit but the Industrialist’s outright dismissal for the same, makes him land in a pool of disputes and attacks, and how the MLA becomes his biggest enemy. The film focus on how a common man suffers in between this whole conflict and then how he takes a stand to choose the right candidate for his felicity. “MLA” is about a battle between- a Politician, an Industrialist, and a Common man,the film release date 25 May 2012,

Director : Shiv Dube
Release Date : 25 May 2012
Stars : Chaitanya Naidu,Ana Kanandadze,Omkar Das Manikpuri and Mukesh Tiwari

Kamal Kushwaha (Chaitanya Naidu) is a well-settled Businessman, who has his business empire settled in a part of Madhya Pradesh called Bhaglipur. He is a self-made man and has struggled hard to reach from rags to riches. He understand his village people and so decides to work for their welfare through his Milk-Plant factory which shall work as a rehab for needy and unemployed people, a farmer called Shankar (Onkar Das Manikpuri) is noticing KK’s dedication towards his people and his motherland,The political battle between the hero and villain begins in the middle of an item song, followed by a bludgeoning background score, a titillating skin show and overt deshbhakti

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