Wednesday, July 4, 2012

China Heavyweight 2012 Full Movie DVDRip Free Download

China Heavyweight is a 2012 upcoming china movie director and Written by Yung Chang,the film starring Qi Moxiang,He Zongli,Miao Yunfei and Zhao Zhong,China Heavyweight 2012 movie story is very nice,Qi Moxiang is boxing coach,and He Zongli is boxer,watch China Heavyweight movie free download,the movie language is Chinese,film release date 20 January 2012,

2012 China Heavyweight hd video free download
Director : Yung Chang
Writer : Yung Chang
Genre : Action
Release Date : 20 January 2012
Stars : Qi Moxiang,He Zongli and Miao Yunfei 

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the movie story begins from central China, a master coach recruited young rural poor and makes western style boxing champions. Through hard work and discipline to get these children, trained in the art of boxing and the game of life,

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