Saturday, August 4, 2012

Krishna Aur Kans 2012 Full Movie DVDRip Free Download

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2012 free download Krishna Aur Kans full hd movie
Genre : Animation/Action
Release Date : 03 August 2012

The film is basically about how Kans didn't mind killing all sons of his sister Devaki because he was told that her eight son would turn out to be his 'kaal'. So far so good because the drama really captivates you well. Also, good credit needs to go for Om Puri who is the voice of Kans,

there are a few 'action scenes' thrown in but they start looking like set pieces, unlike the first half when they were integrated well into the plot. Too many songs, quite a few distractions and difficult to comprehend the 'shuddh Hindi bhaasha' later, the film reaches an almost abrupt finale with Krishna being invited to the game of death by Kans,

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