Sunday, August 12, 2012

The Tall Man 2012 full movie DVDRip free download

The Tall Man is a 2012 American horror/mystery film written and directed by Pascal Laugier,the film starring Jessica Biel,Jodelle Ferland and Stephen McHattie,The Tall Man 2012 hollywood movie hd video free download,watch The Tall Man movie online,how to watch The Tall Man 2012 movie online,how to download The Tall Man movie online,The Tall Man full movie dvd download,the film release date 31 August 2012,

Director:Pascal Laugier
Writer : Pascal Laugier
Genre : Horror
Stars : Jessica Biel,Jodelle Ferland and Stephen McHattie

When her child is abducted, Julia Dunning (Biel) attempts to unravel the local legend of "The Tall Man", an entity who allegedly abducts children. Julia lives in a small ex-mining town in Washington. She is the town's local nurse widowed by her husband who was the town's doctor. After a days work she has dinner with her nanny and son David. She has a drink and retreats upstairs to an office where she falls asleep on a couch. She awakes to a noise down stairs followed by loud radio sermon. She finds her nanny tied and gagged on the ground, then rushes to her son's bedroom from which he is gone,

While in pursuit of what the viewer believes is "The Tall Man", it's gradually revealed that Julia's son isn't, in fact, her son at all, but rather one of the kidnapped children. Julia isn't a distraught mother attempting to locate her child; she's actually the person the entire town has been afraid of all this time. The person who took her 'son' was actually the real mother of the boy, who by accident had discovered that Julia had kidnapped him and was holding him at her house. The mother, being homeless and regarded as the town crazy,

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