Monday, April 9, 2012

Latest Antro Unveils a Solar Car Coming in 2012

Antro Electric car is basically a miniature car with three seats on the inside of the car. It has solar panels on the top of the car and the solar panels charge the battery so the battery will always be charged. This invention works by the two passengers that pedal  to help drive the ultralight car. The rest of the forward motion comes from an electric motor that's partly powered by solar panels.Ge'za  Hivessy is the managing director of the Nonprofit organization Antro Group. 

He is the main person that came up with the idea to build the Antro Electric Car. This invention was created in Hungry, Europe. It took seven years to create the concept. They're main supporter is Pannon Novum Regional Innovation Agency. This invention is different because it runs on electricity, and it only has three seats. You pedal to help drive the ultralight car. It is also very light weight. This will help with pollution around the world. This invention is better then our cars because it is more environmentally friendly and more affordable. This is not out until 2012, when it comes out it will cost around 18,000 to 20,000 dollars to purchase.

Green car madness has just taken over like a revolution. Big names like Toyota, Ford and Lexus have already made a mark. But, who says there is no place for the others. Hungarian car company Antro is here with its innovative and groundbreaking design. The company is on its way to develop a very interesting car that splits into two smaller cars.

Although it’s not particularly known for its autos, Hungary is taking a stab at the electric vehicle market with a futuristic new solar-electric car. Founded by auto enthusiasts and backed by local investors, the Hungarian company Antro, is working on a prototype for a modular car that is capable of splitting into two separate vehicles. With solar panels on the roof, the three passenger Antro Solo can run up to 20 km per day on solar energy alone.

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